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Intimacy and Authenticity
Discovering how to open to ourselves and others


Group Work GROUP THERAPY Below is information on the groups that I run. These groups are very powerful
and in conjunction with individual therapy can greatly augment the process of healing. I run two ongoing
intimacy and authenticity groups, on alternating Tuesday evenings;
  one for my clients and the other that is open to anyone interested. Below is information on the approach and goals of the groups.


Ongoing Group Work

*Tuesday nights: 7:30-9:30pm
* Meets every other week

* Cost:$60 per night

Sebastian Earl M.F.T

Location : Fillmore @ Pine, San Francisco

Contact : 415 835 2148

Intimacy and Authenticity

Discovering how to open to ourselves and others.

Intimacy and authenticity as paths to growth and healing.

Authenticity can be described as the ability to know what is true for you
and to remain true to yourself without being swayed by others. Intimacy
 occurs when you can fully and authentically be yourself while deeply
connecting with another.

We all long for love—with family, friends and lovers—yet without
authenticity and intimacy, our potential to fully love and be loved is
 limited. The challenges we face along the path to love can help us to heal
and grow, and learning to confront and move beyond these challenges
opens us to great possibilities. By allowing ourselves to open and be truly
honest with each other, we discover our most authentic selves.



In the supportive and exciting environment of these ongoing groups,
we will offer you the opportunity to:

o Deepen your awareness of what you are feeling in the moment.

o Practice the art of authenticity and intimacy by sharing yourself with others.

o Face the fears and demons that hold you back and powerfully transform them.

o Let go of things from the past that have stopped you from fully being yourself
and achieving the intimacy you desire.

o Bring greater confidence, depth, and passion to your life and relationships.

Please join us for this amazing journey of personal transformation.