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About Us

My name is Sebastian Earl, and I am a licensed California Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT). The title marriage and family therapist is a little misleading, since it seems to imply that all MFT’s do is marriage and family therapy. The reality is that most MFT’s work with individuals, and the term marriage and family therapist effectively refers to specialist training we receive in doing couples, family and child therapy as well as individual therapy.

I am a graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies, with an MA in counseling psychology.

I have trained in the Hakomi method (see link page) and I am influenced by work I have done in Process Work (also see link page), Authentic Movement, EMDR, Men’s Groups, Yoga, Qi Gung and Intuitive Development. I have recently been studying a new attachment healing therapy called AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy).

As a therapist, I have worked in group homes for adolescents in San Francisco and Alameda, run the adolescent unit of a psychiatric hospital (as well as working on the adult ward) also in Alemeda, worked for a family outreach program in Marin County, and worked in two counseling centers in San Francisco ( Haight Ashbury Psychological Services and New Perspectives Center for Counseling). At the beginning of 09 i moved into a new set of offices in Lower Pacific Heights with other like minded holistic therapists ,where we are creating a beautiful, warm working and healing space for all of us here.

I grew up in London, England, with an American mother and an English father, and I have spent time living in both the UK and the US. London is an amazingly culturally diverse city, and I have also traveled extensively around the world. The combination of these experiences and my own multi-cultural background, means that I feel I have the ability to understand many different and diverse cultures, and work effectively with people from all walks of life and ethnic origins.

I have a Master’s Degree and I have done many trainings, but my work also comes from my own growth and development. This is not just theory to me; the way I work is heavily influenced by my own process, healing and development. My understanding of therapy is experiential as well as theoretical.