Holistic Therapy


Couples work is something that requires a different kind of sensitivity than working with individual. I was privileged to have been supervised during a couple of years of my internship by Rob Fisher MFT, who is well known as an authority and master of couples therapy, and I learnt a lot from him. Couples work allows for a great deal of here and now therapy to take place. I like to be interactive in couples work, using Somatic and movement techniques to allow the couple to experience the dynamics of their relationship in ways that simply talking about things usually doesn?t achieve. My recent training in AEDP attachment work has led me to see how much attachment and intimacy issues affect couples, and how seeing couples problems through this lens, and working to heal attachment/intimacy issues, can achieve deep healing and breathtaking improvements in relationships.

Being in relationship is often the most powerful way that our own blocks and wounding come into play. Therapy can be a highly effective tool that helps couples to work through the issues that trouble them and allow them to move into deep, intimate and loving relationship with each other.

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