Holistic Therapy


Adolescence is a difficult time for many, while the transition is being made from childhood to adulthood. During this time, adolescents tend to question everything, especially authority, and are no longer willing to follow directions the way they may have before. It is also a crucial time, where having the right degree of freedom within a boundary of discipline enables them to feel safe while they learn to find that balance within themselves and grow into their potential.

I have a great deal of experience working with adolescents, having spent two years working in a group home for adolescents followed by another two years running the adolescent unit at a psychiatric hospital. I love to work with adolescents. I find that they greatly value authenticity, and respond well to those who are willing to take them and their views seriously. They have an energy and vitality, a desire to go out and explore the world that is refreshing and engaging.

Adolescence is also often a time when the increase in cognitive development allows individuals to begin to understand and express problems that may have gone unnoticed up to this point, and it can be really important to allow the healing to happen now, rather than have it go underground in the psyche where it can cause a lot of damage later in life.

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